Luthier, Bassist, Geoecologist

Guitar – Bass – Parts

Passionately handcrafted without tropical wood

Ever since I found my way to the bass in 1987, I have been interested in the instrument in all its „playing styles“. Be it traditional and vintage, or modern and innovative.

In recent years I have increasingly worked on the implementation of my own ideas and designs. This is how the „Roller Milan Bass“ or the „Roller Headless Bass“ came about.
But I haven’t lost sight of the guitarists either and will soon be presenting the prototype of the „Roller Impala Guitar“.

I not only build my own designs, but of course also traditional bodies and necks for everyone who wants to build their own individual instrument and needs technical support for the basic work.


The sustainability of my business is a central aspect for me.
I consciously only use wood that does not originate from tropical rain forests.
In 1999 I completed my studies as a qualified geographer specializing in geoecology. The man-made climate change that was already visible to everyone in the 80s was my motivation to study geography with the additional subjects chemistry and physics of the atmosphere.
I think everyone should do their bit to keep the world liveable and tangible. For me, this also includes using electricity from renewable sources and CO2 compensation for the currently unavoidable consumption of natural gas.

For musicians by musicians

The general feel and playing feel of a bass or guitar is extremely important to all of us, in addition to the pure look. In the past, I’ve always felt something was missing from the basses I played in this regard. So I started to implement my personal preferences in bass construction – with the thought that others would share them with me.


I make the instruments completely by hand using hand-selected woods and the best components. This is the only way I can live up to my claim to an instrument that sounds good and is easy to play.
I generally build the premium instruments with screwed necks with one-piece bodies.

The Milan Bass

  • modern features
  • Headless bass, or with headstock
  • fretted, or fretless
  • 24 frets/plies
  • one-piece body (shown premium version)
  • more screwed than neck
  • good balance,
  • comfortable weight, less than 4 kg
  • Ergonomic and appealing in terms of playing feel for players of traditional basses
  • the locations where you expect them
  • clear, transparent and powerful in sound

Various options of wood, hardware or electrics are available and make every bass and every guitar an individual instrument.

  • selected woods
  • Hardware from ABM, ETS, Gotoh and Schaller
  • pickups e.g. by Bartolini and EMG
  • Electronics from Noll, MEC, or EMG
  • Selectable fretboard radii

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